Frequently Asked Questions

Where does CoachLink travel to?

For local services, usually Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

Extended services such as snow tours involve complex logistical planning, and should be booked well in advance of the proposed travel dates.

If you need services to other locations please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What penalties are involved if I cancel my booking?

Cancellations are penalty-free, providing you give us more than two days notice. We provide an 80% refund if you advise cancellation two days before and a 50% refund for 24 hours notice. Sorry, but we cannot give refunds for cancellations without warning on the booked day of travel.

Do you supply infant and booster seats?

Yes we do. Please discuss this at the time of booking.

Do the vehicles have toilet facilities?

Some of the coach fleet are toilet equipped. Your requirements should be discussed at the time of enquiry and booking.

Do the vehicles have air-conditioning?

Yes. All of our luxurious vehicles have air-conditioning for extra comfort.

Do the vehicles have seat belts?

Yes. Safety is one of our top priorities.

How do we locate lost property?

You or your clients have only to call our office if any items have been left on our coaches. Please note, however, that CoachLink cannot take any responsibility for lost property and it is up to individuals to ensure all items are removed upon departure.

Can I hire a vehicle and supply my own driver?

No. CoachLink hires only chartered vehicles.

Do I need to be at my pickup location at a certain time?

We recommend being at your pick up location at least 15 minutes prior to departure time. This gives adequate time for arranging luggage and seating passengers.

Upon Arrival, Where do we meet you at the airport?
  • Gold Coast Airport – nominated luggage carousel
  • Brisbane Domestic Airport – nominated luggage carousel
  • Brisbane International Airport – in Arrivals Lounge just after leaving customs.

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